RETN ipad workshops

GinteachingTurn your iPad into a video-production studio.

Looking for new ways to get the most out of your iPad?  Sign up for RETN’s iPad workshop, and learn to shoot, edit and share your story with your community.  You’ll gain confidence to create simple and effective video projects, from start to finish.

During this workshop you will:

  • Receive hands-on training and personal attention from our two instructors
  • Learn basic video-production techniques including framing, troubleshooting, audio, and editing
  • Learn to use tools like microphones and tripods
  • Work in small teams to create short projects including how-to and promotional videos
  • Learn about free resources for equipment, consultation, instruction and distribution

During this workshop, we will guide you through the process of producing engaging videos, from start to finish. Discover how easy it is to make creative, high-quality videos with your iPad. Educators who take this workshop will also learn 21st century team skills and strategies for teaching students in communication, research and media skills in the Common Core.

Learn more and get pricing.

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